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Government Of Assam Finance Registrar of Firms & Societies

Brief History

  • Till 15-06-1946, works under Indian Partnership Act, 1932 were looked after by the Commissioner of Excise, Assam and works under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 were looked after by the Assistant Commissioner, Joint Stock Companies, Assam, Shillong. On 16-06-1946 the office of the Assistant Commissioner, Joint Stock Companies, Assam, Shillong has been converted to the Registrar of Firms & Societies, Assam. Thus the office of the Registrar of Firms and Societies, Assam came into being with effect from 16-06-1946.

    There is no District and Sub-Divisional Level Office under the control of the Registrar of Firms and Societies, Assam. The Office of the Registrar of Firms and Societies is under the administrative control of Government of Assam in the Finance (Establishment B) Department.

    The Registrar is the registering authority and under his supervision and guidance the Grade-III staff are required to examine and put up proposals for Registration of Firms under Section 58 of the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 and for Registration of Societies under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. Guiding principles under different section of these two Acts are also required to be followed. Besides there are other specific guidelines issued by the Government of India as well as Government of Assam, which are required to be followed in dealing with certain categories of applications for Registration of Firms and Societies as the case may be. When the subject relates to a policy decision or some other important matter requiring to be disposed of by the Registrar, he/she forwards the file to the Government for obtaining necessary approval.

    List of names of the Registrar of Firms and Societies, Assam

    List of names of the Registrar of Firms and Societies, Assam
    Sl. No.NameFromTo
    1A.N.M. Saleh16-06-194624-05-1948
    2A.N. Bhattacharyya24-05-194828-10-1948
    3N.N. Chakravarty28-10-194829-11-1948
    4A.N. Bhattacharyya29-11-194808-01-1949
    5N.N. Chakravarty08-01-194907-10-1950
    6A.N.M. Saleh07-10-195007-10-1953
    7R.K. Borah07-10-195321-11-1953
    8N.N. Chakravarty, IAS21-11-195315-02-1955
    9E.H. Pankyntein27-05-1955April 1958
    10R.B. Vaghaiwalla, IAS12-04-195810-06-1958
    11M.E. St. Jahn Perry, IAS11-06-195810-09-1959
    12R.H. Shaw, IAS11-09-195913-06-1961
    13R.Z. Ahmed, IAS14-06-196131-05-1967
    14J.C. Nampui, IAS01-06-196706-12-1968
    15H.P. Rajkhewa, IAS06-12-196824-08-1970
    16R.N. Muhuri, IAS25-08-197031-10-1973
    17B.C. Thakuria, IAS01-11-197307-09-1976
    18J.N. Changkakoti, IAS08-09-197622-04-1978
    19A.P. Sarmah (In-charge)08-09-197622-04-1978
    20M.M. Taimur, IAS01-07-197806-11-1978
    21R.M. Goswami, IAS07-11-197802-01-1981
    22A.C. Changkakoti, IAS03-01-198123-11-1981
    23G.N. Bhattacharyya, IAS23-11-198131-05-1983
    24D.K. Rabha, IAS01-06-198328-02-1986
    25D.K. Rabha, IAS01-06-198328-02-1986
    25J.N. Chakravarty, IAS01-03-198631-12-1987
    26C.N. Baruah, IAS02-01-198831-05-1990
    27Pratul Sarmah, IAS01-06-199013-06-1990
    28D.B. Chhetry, IAS (A/N)14-06-199015-06-1990
    29A.P. Sarmah (In-charge)16-06-199026-07-1990
    30D.B. Chhetry, IAS27-07-199016-08-1991
    31P.C. Deuri, IAS16-08-199131-03-1992
    32A.P. Sarmah (In-Charge)01-04-199218-07-1992
    33Kumar Sonjay Krishna, IAS29-06-199219-10-1992
    34H.R. Keot20-10-199223-05-1993
    35B.J. Bardoloi24-05-199331-03-1999
    37H.N. Bhuyan, ACS23-07-199929-02-2004
    39Binata Rynjah, ACS23-03-200409-02-2004
    40Dilip Kumar Baruah, ACS15-06-200409-09-2004
    41Prafulla Chandra Saikia10-09-200403-12-2008
    42Afsaruddin Ahmed02-01-200917-04-2009
    43Rousan Ara Begum, ACS01-08-200913-09-2009
    44Bijoy Kumar Laskar14-09-200918-09-2009
    45Rausan Ara Begum, ACS19-09-200902-05-2010
    46Abhijit Dev Laskar, ACS03-05-201031-01-2014
    47Maheswar Baishya17-02-201428-02-2014
    48Nipun Chakravartty, ACS01-03-201431-12-2014
    50Dr. Deepak Majumdar, ACS02-02-201515-06-2016
    51Gautam Talukdar, ACS15-06-201605-09-2016
    52Kishor Thakuria, ACS05-09-2016Till date